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Real folksy, bluesy, gypsy jazzy with a pinch of soul and an Americana twist.

Plum Nelly is real folksy, bluesy gypsy jazzy with a pinch of soul and an Americana twist. This creative duo features Wendy Hunt on vocals and guitar, and Mike Proud on vocals, mandolin and guitar playing original songs as well as jazz and blues favorites.

Wendy Hunt is a singer-songwriter whose original songs are full of heart and humor. Growing up along the east coast from Nashville to Pennsylvania, her music reflects the bluegrass, folk, and country of her childhood as well as jazz and blues.

Mike Proud is a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist who has his musical roots in classical, folk and blues. He traveled extensively throughout the United States including Hawaii, whose performances include groups, solo instrumental guitar as well as a Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute band.

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Plum Nelly in Prescott, Arizona at the Sharlott Hall Folk Music Festival:
Plum Nelly Jazz Trio, playing Mojave by Antonio Carlos Jobim: